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  August 2019 - My Adventure of the Seas Review  



August 2019 – Adventure of the Seas


What do I have to say about the cruise ?  Not a lot.


The ship looked as beautiful as it did in 2009, for my 50th BD cruise (this year, I’m 60).


How was the food ?  It was ok.  Nothing wrong with it, just nothing that jumped out as unforgettable.  Yet, plenty to eat & naturally keep me full all week !


Coffee ?  Awful.  They use to have Seattle’s Best … Don ‘t know what happened (?).  It was strong.  And if I added water, it was just that … watery !


Pizza ?  Weird.  I’ve never truly cared for Royal Caribbean pizza.  However, this time, if I ate the cheese off of it 1st, the crust was actually very good.


Cupcakes ? Truly dry.  However, if I spread the buttery cream off the top and throughout the cupcake, it was good.


Dining Room Buffet Breakfast.  Looked nice for folks who love buffets.  And I thought it was nice, that folks could have the best of both worlds … dining room + buffet.  However, other than the muesli cereal, I ordered off the menu.


Dining Room Buffet Lunch.  As normal, I love the salad bar on Royal Caribbean, because the guys chopped it all up.  Never before, had I seen buffet food, in the dining room for lunch – I thought again, great, for having both worlds … Dining Room + buffet.  However, other than the sald, I ordered off the menu.  Unfortunately, neither day, did they have favorite that usually on the dining room lunch buffet … Tilapia.


Shows were fine.  We tried to go to 2 a night.  However, there was even a 3rd one (often a game), but during our dining time.

  • We did go to the Newlywed game.  Good !
  • Went to the ice skating show.  Love !
  • Went to Quest.  Funny.  Much better than on the Granduer (boarding) !


Movies – There were outside.  Very small area, with the chidlrens park, etc, in the way, for seeing at a distance.  And not brought inside, during cold weather (disappointment).

Room Movies – None.  Linda & I enjoyed so much, in late evenings, on our Azamara cruise.


Ports – Always love, no matter how many times I go.

  • New Brunswick.  Enjoyed St  Martin.  However, should have taken the tour in the morning, so the tide would be out at the Caves.  Or taken the Best of 10 tour, which included much more + the seafood chowder at the caves.
  • Bar Harbor.  Took the Schooner boat, from our website.  It was ok, riding in the bay.  I was expecting, to see a little more, from Acadia Mnt.  I won’t need to do this again.  Then we went shopping.  Didn’t find as many deals, as I had wanted, but there was some to be had.  I did buy self a new lightweight coat, but I didn’t get my nephew one here, this year.  Stopped off for a Stout before heading back to boat (my associate stopped for mussles).
  • Nova Scotia.  Like last time, walked the boardwalk.  This time, went much further.  Then took the ferry to the other said of the water.  Took pictures & came back.  Then we went shopping.  Did find a coat for my nephew & some maple cookies for others.  Didn’t stop off for a Stout at the brewery.


That’s about it. 

  • Short cruise, yet great to getaway.  Love the ship.  Love the ports.  However, prefer a 9-12 day, for a Canada cruise, to include more ports !
  • It was great having my cousin there (her 1st cruise).  Her & my associate Sandy, did well as roommates, and it was great for the 3 of us to have each other. 
  • Luckily, we finally found a night to dine with my roommate, Linda (who was with me on the Azamara Alaska) & her family ( whom I have know for years, yet 1st time met – smiles) !!    
  • Grateful to have my great friends there, Pat & Richard.  However, we saw each other less this cruise, than any cruise we’ve been on together.  Our dining times were different; it was chilly when we sailed; and the smoking section was very small & not enough space for the many smokers; Not comfortable in just hanging out, socializing, in making new friends (true disappointment – Lot of complaints – they could have easily made the space larger).
  • Amtrak was great as usual.  The time goes by so fast.  I did get 2 projects done, on the way up to NJ.  The 3rd one never got done, while on cruise, nor return Amtrak.

One negative – Traveling north, the train doesn’t stop @ NY airport (drop off NJ Penn).  Hotels don’t usually pick up, except NJ Airport.  So for $8pp, we took the train to NJ Airport, and the Air Tran to the parking.  Took an hour, and it’s only 3-5 miles away.  No idea what a cabin might have cost; couldn’t do Uber cause the hotel pick up area doesn’t have an address.  On the return, had I purchased, return from NJ Airport, we could have left from there; I had not – Thankfully my associate Sandy, took us from the hotel to NJ Penn – though the it was included in hotel pkgs)

  • Our pre-hotel @ Caret Holiday Inn (south of Jersey), was just fine (had to be purchased by Trinity Reservations).  They picked us up at the NJ airport quickly.  Sandy was able to leave her car, in the package price.  They took us to a local restaurant for dinner.  And took us to the ship, and picked us back up, after the cruise.  One note, setting a time, to be picked up, should be ignored (we said 10am) & be out, soon after 8:30 (cause in 20 min, they were there for folks that wanted to leave at 8am)).


Now that the Adventure has left San Juan ... Lot of new itineraries offered.  Go here, Check ’em out ... Call me & get away !

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