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  Before you call - Most asked questions ? You really ready ?  



Folks often ask  …

*When’s best time to look at or call for information ?  Not till you’re truly ready to confirm !  

*Why ?  What’s available today, is not available nor possibly the same tomorrow ! Prices/Availability change as much as momentarily !

*When’s the best time to buy ? The moment you have answers to the below 8 questions !  There’s an option on my phone that says, I have credit card in hand (works night & weekends to).  But please 1st, be sure you’ve read below ... Don’t be shocked ... Need-2-knows ... & Cruises Inc Exclusives.


When you call, please know ... I’ll want to know if these answers are a Yes ? 

1)Know how many going ?  Number of rooms ?  Who’s in which room ?  Any singles in the group - Roommates planned (are you planning to book before they have a roommate) ?

2)Know exact available date(s), everyone can go ?  If totally flexible, then look online at different months, for non-peak times (less expensive) ?

3)Everyone agrees on same destination choice ?  Max days away ? Did you include an extra night, to go to the port (resort) before ?

4)Know everyone’s exact Max budget ?  What budget must include (hotel, air, transfers, ship board amenities, certain location on ship/property)?  

5)Must you have a cabin # ?  Kids traveleing with you ?  Wants friend/family cabins near you ? Are you ok with being on the lowest level with cabins ?  On the front or back of the ship ?

6)Everyone knows they can get off work ?

7)If your wishes/choices are not avaiable (expectations), what’s 2nd choice ?  Know what you’re willing to accept or not ?  Example, will you accept bunk beds ?  Obstructed view rooms ?

8)Have everyone’s legal name ?  Birthdate/year ?  Zip code ?  Email address ?  (if you’re paying for all nor do  others want an invoice, then zip/email not needed).

9)Are you calling to confirm today ?  If not, please be prepared in answer the above 8 questions with your call ... Please - Thank you (smile).  




Why are Yes’s to the above questions, to your advantage, when calling ?  

(A)If you won’t know for a month or 6 months ... Insight on vacations are brain taxing !  Even if you’re great at notes, not sure SuperPerson, can remember eveything said, after a day or 2.  I forget 1/2, if I get info ne day & we don’t talk till the next (smile). 

(B)Discovering tomorrow, # 6 keeps you from going ... Trust me, it’s less heartach, the least time you’ve invested !   

(C )You say yes, you have time to kill & your time is of no money ?  Did you know, you never want to walk into a vacation conversation, without any insight (homework)! The cruise lines and Cruises Inc have invested millions of dollars, so you have free access to general information, 24/7, till you’re truly ready to commit.  




Where to get general insight till you’re ready … I call these … My cheat sheets … It’s where I look for answers too ! 

Scroll down below … See Picture of ‘Cruise Finder’ (discover how easy it is to find answers) … Discover … Dates/ships/land vacations/itineraries/pricing, etc !

You’ll also find insight such as … 

All-inclusives (look for Favorites) ?  Who might have an offer ? 

Resorts in Florida ? Caribbean ? Mexico ? Cuba ? 

Ideas for Escorted Tours (some weeks you will find info on my website/others not) ? 

River Cruise options ? Months they sail where ? 

Are there cruises close to home ? 

3Night cruises in my area ?  12-15Night or longer ? 

Can I cruise to Hawaii from Seattle, or Vancouver-Canada ?  What @ r/t California ? 

Can I take a Panama cruise without flying to/from California ?  Shorter than 10Nights ? 

Where’s the close place I can leave to cruise to Bermuda ?  Canada ?  Which months ? 

Which months can I cruise in Alaska ?  South America ?  Australia/New Zealand ?  Are there any shorter than 7nights ? 

Can I cruise from the US to Europe (Transatlantic cruise) ? Return immediately (usually only if it’s Cunard) ? 

Which months are higher prices ?  Lower ?




Need a little help in knowing how to navigate on my website ?  See what you want to see ?  See picture of CRUISE FINDER below ! I’m far from computer expert (I’m cruise vacation specialist, remember (smile) ... Yet ... I’m pretty good ... Navigating thru info my staff has provided online - You’ll love it too !  Matter of fact, I start here, to see the same info as you, upon every call, when customers are buying their next vacation (Provides me insight to versus shock).  

Call (434) 237-3832 ... Press 62 ... Let me know you’re calling for website guidance.  Make sure the time you leave, computer will be in front of you (not cell phone).  We’ll take @ 15 minutes.  Other than prices we’ll automatically see here, we’ll leave further price talk, to when you’re ready with questions 1-8 above.   Before calling, take advantage below ... Don’t be shocked ... And, need-2-knows, below.   And Cruises Inc Exclusives.



FYI ... We have 2 additional services we provide to the ’general public’ or those who are only ’info seekers’ ...  For service #1, caller does not need answers to the 8 questions, nor have looked at anything online before calling ! 

1)For an upfront fee ... Provide explicid rates/amenities/rules/cabin #’s, etc ... Nor with any promise in return, of having Cruises Inc purchase or manage.  Whether it’s cause you want to return to your agent or want to buy on your own.  Or may curiosity has just gotten the best of you (smile).  This way, you’ve receive our expertise/know-how, able to make your choices more wisely, and know you have the best rates/amenities available to regular agents/consumers.  Or if you were  later, within a weeks deadline, decide you would prefer we handled your vacation ... Then thios fee will go towards your vacation cost.  To quote a fee, I’ll need to know what kind of vacation, and detemine how much research time will be needed.  

FYI ... Cruise lines/vacation vendor, pay agents, ’after a customer returns’ ... For making that purchase for customers (crossing all the needed T’s), manage customer vacation until returning home returning home, & providing expertise/know-how, in helping to make this, the customers best vacation ever.  No pay is given, for providing readily accessible information that’s online, without a purchase & going. 

2)For an upfront fee ... Consumers call us, when in trouble, after buying on their own ! My #1 forte & love, is problem solving (27 years in this industry & another 10 in banking).



Rather than be shocked over what you initially see online ... These rates may be ... (see #4, know your max budget)   

1) Bunk beds

2) Have an obstructed ocean or obstructed balcony view

3) Provide no assigned cabin #

4) Include ’no’ amenities that are advertised !

5) Cabin is only in the front or back of the ship. 

6) Cabin is on the lowest deck available to passenger cabins.

7) A non-refundable deposit. 



You also don’t want to be shocked with these need-2-knows ...

1)Prices online are per person, based on 2 in a room.  Need price of 3rd & 4th in roomGo here & see:  On my website, go to cruise you want.  Then choose select (may have to go to the next page, & choose select a 2nd time); then put your email, the maximum # of people in one room (don’t put more than 4); then your zip code; & put, you do not need airfare, then search.  On next page, you’ll see the insight ... to include the many categories for pricing.

2)If you see, 1/2 off sale, or $100 off (unless this is a Cruises Inc Exclusive), or whatever ... This discount has already been applied.  

3)Prices do not include the Govt tax (could be as low as $89pp (?) - $600+pp.  Depends on destination & other factors.

4)Airfare, nor parking, nor transfer to/from the airport are included.  Go online & check out flight cost, when determining if your desired vacation is in your budget.  On my website ... Please do not choose, want quote with airfare ... My website in turn, will only contact me & tell me to call you (may not see for a few days).

5)Estimate deposit cost, to lock in your rate ?  Unless you see ’reduced deposit’ advertisement from the cruise line (and that still might not be true), expect (deposit for 2):  3-5N, $225-$425, 6-8N’s, $525.  9-12N, $925.  Select cruise lines, such as Princess, may require 20% up front. 

6)If calling to buy less than 90-100 days prior to your vacation/cruise, the cost to confirm your vacation is due in full, at time of call. 


’IF’ ... Cruises Inc has lower rates on your date, this is hidden from our website.  These are only available to folks who call with credit card in hand !   I can not reserve - It’s 1st come/1st serve.  Though we have 2000+ dates, we’re selling 1000’s of cruises & our reserved space ... A day !  If booking 9mo’s to a year in advance, we ’may’ still have space  with lower rates ! When booking early enough, even 2 years out, if we hadn’t already reserved Exclusive onboard cabin spending money, the farther we’re away from sailing ! Even if our lower rates are gone, we may still have Exclusive $25-$50-$75 onboard cabin credit, or other.  6 star and River Cruises, possibly up to $200-500.  Select cruises lines, our Exclusive amenities may still be available 90 days, up till week of sailing ... However, our lower rates are surely gone (sad).   



Once you call & ready ... I have a few more questions ...

What did you see online ?  Ship name/Exact Date

Lowest pricing for the type of accommodations you want ?

Amenities you saw ?  

Now it’s time for me to take over w/the ‘big stuff’ … Till you return back from vacation !

1)Our expertise in the industry

2)Our personal connectivity to the vacation vendors, like no other agency !

3)Years of experience and vacation processing, in dealing with these vendors/know how they think

4)Helping you to avoid issues that you can cause on yourself !

5)Provides advice in helping you protect yourself & your vacation

6)Stands behind and protects your vacation from vendor errors/mishaps

7)Help you decide on the best cabin location, based on your budget.

8)Provide the best possible rates, the cruise line/vacation vendor offers consumers, at time of purchase.  And look for our Exclusive Lower Rates. 

9)Provide our Exclusive amenities, such as onboard cabin credit & other.  The cruise line/vacation vendor, will automatically provide their amenities, based on their offer you choose.

9)Offers our Trip Cancellation Insurance with pre-existing medical coverage, weather if you never go, 50,000 sickness/accident when you’re on vacation,  bankruptcy of a vendor, and $50,000 Emergency Medical Evacuation.

10)Provide our Customer Service Support Team ... For all your general questions/needs ... Up till 10pm, M-F; Sat, 10:30-5:30pm.  They’re not here for any of your needed advice ... That’s me you need !

11)Provide you loads of reading material ... If you don’t want to read, no problem, it’s why our Customer Service Team is available, once you purchase your vacation. 

12) Provide discounted tours, car rental, International airfare (whether on cruise or just land) ... & more !



xxxooo ... Viv ...  Call me when ready (434) 237-3832

See pictures below















Got your Yes’s to the questions I need to know ? 

Basically know what you want ?  

See a deal you don’t want to miss ?  Ready to confirm ?

It’s time ... Call me (smile) … (434) 237-3832

Level 7’s, you know the drill/Call too !



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