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  My NCL Bliss Weekend Getaway May 2018  



My Norwegian Bliss Weekend Getaway May 3-6, 2018


NCL Bliss was hosting an agent event in New York, for the weekend.  An opportunity to  see/visit the Bliss first hand.


Naturally, my friend Ona & I, took Amtrak up.  We left on Thursday, and went as far as Trenton.  NY hotels are so high, that usually, we stop in Baltimore, for our night prior.  However, Ona suggested we try & get closer, since we were to board by 10am the next day.


Upon arriving to Trenton, NJ train station, one of Ona’s college roommates, met up with us.  Then took us over to the hotel in Morrisville, Pa, to check in.  Only 5-6 min’s away, just across the river.


She then took us to a Brewery for dinner in Yardley, Pa, called the Vault.  It was a former bank and had a couple vaults inside, where they kept beer.  She had been there, so it was a great opportunity for us all.  We began with a cheese plate and hummus plate.  Then we each ordered a pizza.  Way too much food.  After dinner, she took us back to our hotel.







TIP (be early): Next morning was an adventure.  It’s a good thing, Ona & myself, are early people.  Folks who are LAST MINUTE PEOPLE, would have never made it to the train on time !  Apparently not too many cabs come over to this hotel.  We waited probably 45 min.  We finally called Uber.  The cab did show up 1st, but we had called Uber.  Uber had been faster.  And again, the train station was only 5-6 min’s away.  We still arrived about 45 min’s prior.


Only an hour away from Trenton, we arrived in NY by 10am.  I decided to call Uber, since you pay a specific price, and don’t have to pay the stops at the lights, as you do with NY cabs.  TIP: It’s so noisy around NY Penn Station, that Uber had to call me, to find each other.  It’s so hard to know, which of the 4 corners he may be parked at, when say 8th/33rd.  We finally found him in a min or so.  Sure enough, only $1to the ship, whereas, normally, it’s min of $15.


We were able to board quickly.  No check in bags, only carry-on allowed.  We also were able to go to our room immediately.  Hadn’t know which cabin we would be given, till almost arriving !  Was a balcony, closer to the front of the ship (near the elevator).


Next we went to sign up for our entertainment.  We couldn’t do this prior, and Ona really wanted to see Jersey Boys.  This took a while at the Box Office, however, there was an employee at the wall screen, who check us in faster.  We barely got our place for Jersey Boys.


Next up to Margaretville for lunch.  TIP:  We had at least a 30 min wait.  We ran into one of my associates, who joined us for lunch.  Nachos were Hugh and fabulous.  We ordered a few other appetizers.  Though our waiter had us order our meal at the same time, it’s a good thing we ordered several appetizers, cause 2 1/2 hours later, our food hadn’t arrived.  We reminded him & the food came out immediately.  It was basically a 3 hour lunch.


Next we went to the Haven Suites to tour.  Then we had to get ready for a cocktail party with a few of my staff/associates.  Next, we went to 2 shows.


We didn’t have dinner till 9:30pm.  Dinner was great !  Lobster & more.  I said tonight was the better dinner and Ona said, it was the 2nd night.  We skipped our 3rd show for the evening, and instead, went to bed.


Next day, I didn’t get up till 9am+.  Guess I was a little tired from the day before, and hadn’t slept well.  We began touring the 1st 1/3 of the ship.



Once up to deck 15, where there were windows, 25% of the front of the ship, we stopped for a bit.  They had great dishes, along with coffee, etc.  And the view from the windows were great.  This ship will be great, doing the Panama & Alaska.




Then we went up to the Lido deck, to check out the Seafood Buffet.  I had a few crab legs and large shrimp.  I couldn’t eat any of the rest of the options, such as lobster, King Crab claws & more.  We were told 4,000 lbs of Seafood, had been purchased for this buffet lunch.  Ona didn’t have anything, as she was already full from deck 15.  Afterwards, I had to go for a nap.


After getting up, I toured the rest of the ship, as Ona had done this while I was napping.  She enjoyed our balcony.  In general, the ship looks almost the same as the Getaway/Breakaway/Escape, however, it had deck 15, with the windows/views, that added appeal to this ship.








Next, we got ready for a special cocktail party I was invited too, with Andy (NCL’s CEO & Pres).  It was for the folks who had completed their Phd classes with NCL.  I had wanted to go, but Ona talked me into it, and we’re so glad we went.  The social was in the Haven Suite Bar.  Great views & great to see Andy.  Saw only one associate, out of all the folks there.










Next we went to another cocktail party with the same staff/associates.  Next, to Jersey Boys. Was fantastic, and worth the time it took to sign up.  Was an hour & ½ long, and didn’t even realize, before the time was up.  Franki Valli was in the audience, along with Bob.  We did get picture of Franki.



Next, to dinner. One of my associates had gone to the show & now to dinner with us.  We didn’t stay up late, as we had to be up the next morning, by 6am & off by 9am.


We had a great time.  Didn’t eat enough of the food choices, nor enough of the free drink choices.  Would have loved at least one more day ! 



Though I’ve been on 30+ NCL cruises, I’ve never been much of an NCL fan, with their food.  However, after my ‘not so great food adventures’ on Carnival (30+ cruises) lately (Pride and Splendor.  Vista was much better), I’m truly beginning to pull more for NCL’s food !  Admit, for the lido buffet, the bigger ships on NCL are better  (much more variety) !  However, I’ve been on the Pearl, the Gem, and the Jade, and their dining experience in the regular dining rooms have been great. 

Though my Carnival customers are avid & loyal for Carnival ... Maybe one day, you’ll decide to try an NCL ... and compare.  They offer FREE drink package !  And they seem to stay up, even later than Carnival folks !  Out of all my clients who have tried both, they like both !  More so NCL lately, for its food !  I sail away on another NCL ship, the Spirit, Thanksgiving, to the Canary Islands.



Bye NCL Bliss … Till we see you again !