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  Veendam - What did my seminar prove last week ? Sept 2017  



My Last Minute September Adventure proved to …

What matters most ?


I’m sure I’ve had to get packed quick and leave off for vacation, as this time, but no matter, I’m surely not fond of the rushing !  Trying to get priority work completed.  Grabbing an airline ticket + train tickets.   Completing the online registration, yet too late in the game to print.  Then pack. 


In bed by 3am, up by 5am, and on train by 7:30am.  Then make work phone calls, cancel next week’s personal appoints, and call a classmate to work on the final numbers for our 40th reunion, that’s in just 2 weeks.  Arrived to Baltimore Airport train station by 12:30pm, where I took a bus to the airport, and hung out till moseyed over to my plane @ 4pm, for my flight to Montreal.


Arrived early, 11:30pm. Next finding the hotel shuttle, and checking n at the hotel.  Next, I sat outside, for 2 hours, on their porch, in 80 degree weather !  Literally soaking up the relaxation.


Next morning, let for the pier, by way Uber.  My 1st time, and I can’t tell you if he ‘took’ me, cause you see no meter running, and I never knew what I was paying/or had paid, till I got home !  Walked thru the pier terminal with nothing but my ID, and was on the ship, within 10 minutes !  Now to begin the reason for why I am here !



*Eat Lots

*See the sights

*Do as little as possible !

Other than seeing several movies and going to the shows, that’s about all else I did. 


I needed it bad.  Just what Dr Webb (me) ordered !  You might say, well, my convention is basically less than 3 weeks away, why would I go away right now ?  Well, in 3 weeks, that cruise consists of classes, from 8am-5pm.  After the cocktail party, dinner, and then the show, it’s time to go straight to bed.  Very little time for any relaxation at all !  Truthfully, I needed some true relaxation, just to get ready for that cruise !


Holland America has great food.  Some of what I love most, their Bolognese spaghetti, the hard ice cream in a waffle cone, and their break pudding.  To avoid complete weight gain, I basically just ate the meats, Bolognese sauce (decided to stay away from the pasta), at greens/cauliflower, and lots of icea cream/some desserts !  Absolutely wonderful !


Check out all the desserts in my pictures.  No, didn’t eat them all, just thought they were lovely.  Can you spy which one is the chocolate covered cherry ?  I did eat one of those. On this night, it was like a chocolate night and instead of going into the dining room or cafeteria, they just walked around on deck 8 and served.


Amazing, the 1st day, before sailing out, they brought around a few appetizers out on the back deck.  Check out the mozzarella fried cheese w/red sauce, the crab cake with white sauce, and do you know fried balls with chocolate is ?


The ice cream guy & myself, were great friends.  You’ll see him in a few pictures.  He seemed to always be working.  Noon … 5pm …. 10pm !


Lobster night was great.  1st I went up to the cafeteria and had 4 tiny tails.  Then later at different 2 pretty nice size tails.  Like NCL, you don’t have to go to the dining room and dress up, to get lobster !


Was given open dining, since that’s all that was left.  Was fine.  I basically went to dinner every night at 8:45pm.  Dining room closed 9pm.  I was in and out, with all the food I ate, no later than 9:30.  They whisked my choices out, one right after the next, with no waiting time.  My 2 guys were wonderful.  And the maitre’d escorted me to my same table, every night.


Before dinner I would actually stop by the Lido Café and see what they were offering.  There appetizers and even the meals there, were actually different on at least 5 of their nights.  Yes, I would try something, as my early evening snack.


 Next, I would either go to the show or do the 2 hour movie, and after dinner, whatever I hadn’t done, I would do the other.  Then I would go down to the info deck, and choose one of a 1000 movies they had on file, and after midnight snack, I went to the room for another movie !  Love movies !  Adventure and Drama !


I’m not much of a breakfast person, but my 1st 2 mornings, I ordered an omelet with goat cheese on top.  Yummy.  Very few cruise lines offer eggs, etc, to be delivered to the room.  Shocking on the last morning, they also offered complimentary room service.  Saved me lots of time, and able to sleep in, with ordering in the room.


On sea days, didn’t do too much at all.  Matter of fact, 4 days, I took a nap.  Didn’t even have time to read my two books.  Didn’t even go to the art auction.  Did walk around the shopping onboard.  And I did go to one Trivia game, and that was fun !


The 1st 2 days were 80 degrees.  Next 2 ports, and sea days, mostly raining and cold.  Last port, truly nice again.  And though our return port, Boston, looked like a tornado was coming in, that morning, didn’t get wet going to the train stationed and turned out to be a nice day. 


Decided not to do any tours in port.  Have done many offered.  Will wait till next time I am here, with someone else, and we chose some tours together.


Montreal.  This is the 1st time I has sailed out of here.   It was basically like traveling, as a river cruise, down the St Lawrence.  It was nice.  Sitting outside.  Enjoying the sites.  Taking pictures.


Quebec.  This is my 3rd time here in 4 years.  I think this has become my most favorite city.  From the ship, you can see, in full view, their famous hotel, Fairmont Chateau Frontenac.  Totally gorgeous.   The walk there is fairly easy.  Stop for pictures.  Stop for shopping.  Even stop for coffee or many other treats they offer.  See the chocolate popcorn I bought.


Prince Edward Isle. We didn’t go in.  It was a tender port and the captain thought it was too windy. I didn’t find out, till after I had dressed and ready to go out.  I’ve been here several times.  Love this little place.  Have no idea what I was planning to do this time, because I’ve always taken a tour, and no idea, what might be near the pier.


Sydney, Nova Scotia.  My 3rd time here in 4 years.  Right inside the port, lots of shopping.  That’s exactly what I did, and probably bought some of the same things I bought last time I was here.  Love the Scottish stuffed animals, this one lady makes !  Also found lots of costume, pewter, and glass jewelry.


Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’ve been here many times.  There’s 2 shopping buildings, right at the pier.  So that’s where I spent my time.  Again, picked up maple cookies, as I’ve done in the past, for others.  Also a T-shirt for my nephew and scarf for my mom.


Bar Harbor.  This port is a tender port.  Only my 2nd time here.  Didn’t care too much for it last time.  Did less this time, and enjoyed more.  Walked around the port and took pictures.  And then began walking up the main street with shops.  I stopped for a treat, and after a little shopping, I went back to the boat, since there was no more shopping space left in my suitcase. 


Just before going back, you won’t believe it.  I ran into one of our staff.  Rosemarie.  Our Marketing Mgr.  Great to see here.  And will see here again in just 3 weeks. 


Did I tell you, I had been on this ship 2 times before ?  Yes, one being it’s maiden voyage.  And it was long time ago, back in the day when Bob Falcone, and his wife Judy, were running the whole show of Cruises Inc.  Totally different from today !


All-N-All, it was exactly what I wanted and what I needed.

If relaxation, getting away, and a little something different from the everyday hum-drum is what se need … Why does it really matter to some, that you’re repeating the same ship or the same itinerary.  Does any of that really matter ?


What was the seminar about ?  I just shared it (smile)


Have you tried a Holland America ?  I truly enjoy them !

What most ?  The food ! 

Next ?  Smiley staff !  That’s what I put on my review ... Keep up those smiley faces !

Why do most my customers travel them ?

Itineraries !  And smaller ships !

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