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Walt Disney Resort vs Off-Property Resort


When planning a Walt Disney vacations, consumers often wonder, the possible savings, if opting for an off-property hotel.  It can be, if $ is your basic thought, in saving ! 


With any vacation, folks can often save, when they’re willing to use their time in research.  However, not all pieces of a vacation puzzle, provide added savings, with research !  Much lost time can be spent, with the end result, bringing one back to, the more simpler/convenient product !


Certainly, there’s economical off-property hotels available.  Even more so, if agreeing to stay farther away and having or renting your own car !


My associates and I, truly hope our clients will consider weighing the whole picture in their decision !  We’ve certainly priced both for our customers !  And have discovered much insight in doing so !


Here’s a few questions we ask our customers, as they debate … How do you feel ?


A)About spending Extra Time in transportation ?

To and from ? 

Parking time ? 

Or shared transportation ?

Getting to/from the parking lot ? 

Getting up earlier ? 

Arriving back to your hotel later ?


B)About spending Extra Time in finding meal locations ?

Whether it’s to leave the Park to have lunch or after the park closes, in finding a place to dine !  And eating much later than normal !


C)About spending less time in the Park after your investment in the Park admission cost ?


D)Your stress level, after a full day in the Park ?  Others with you ?  Your kids ?  How close do you want to be from your temporary home ?


E)If flying, extra cost to/from your hotel from the airport ?  If renting car, extra parking cost ?

F)Paying hotel cost in full at time of reserving (when it’s a year out) ?  Purchasing a non-refunable hotel ?


Know … There’s value hotels on property.  Yes, they can often be the farthest from the Park(s), but at least they’re on property !  For transportation !  Meals !


And even if you want a more of a deluxe resort or want to be on the Monorail, you can opt for parking lot or garden view, in helping you keep cost down ! Like a cruise ship, there are different option, within the same resort !


Know … Disney offers 3 type of meal plans.  Again, to help your budget or fulfill your pallet !


Know ... Disney property deposit is minimal.  Think $225 for 2.

Know ... Disney property balance due closer to time of travel.  Think 40 days prior !


All-N-All … Your time + convenience + stress + cost of off-property = cost to stay on-property !


TIME & CONVENIENCE can literally play a big part, in a more relaxing and stress free vacation !


Know ... After continued pricing both ways, our rationalization, and customer feedback, have collectively determined, buying on-property saves both TIME & provides more CONVENIENCE for our customers! 

AND Know  … None of our other vendors, can provide the best service, full access to products, minimal cost for Trip Cancellation Insurance, nor problem solving, as our personal access to Disney ! 

Already priced a Disney Vacation ?  Call us when ready for us to stand behind you !  Answer those unknown questions.  Provide you insiders experience with the many properties (amoung my associates and myself, our customers have basically experience almos them all).  Allow our personal Cruises Inc connectivity with Disney, in proving you added value/security ! 



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It’s so simple to share options with you !  Whether it’s their many property choices.  Meal plans.  And more ! 

If your preferred choice is off-property, we’ll stand behind you here too, with our several land vendors !  Ask @ Tiki condos, using code NEAT.  And Marriott Vacation Clubs.

See & buy your Orlando off-property Discounted Day Trips thru our same cruise discount shore excursion vendor !

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