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1)      Industry Award Winning Recognition for ‘by phone’  … Purchasing and servicing.

2)      Cruise Line Price Advantage, Exclusive Sales, and/or Extra Amenities  … Provided Exclusive to us by the Cruises Lines.  Keeping more $ in your pocket, over and above, Cruise Line offers.  Also providing Exclusives, where we don’t share with our ’internet partners).  And know ... Not all are seen on our website ... They’re hidden ... Call.

3)      Unique Value-Added Trip Cancellation Insurance.  Includes (A) Pre-existing medical waiver when purchased at time of deposit. (B) Financial default of a carrier/vendor. (C ) Being called to active Military Service or in a law enforcement capacity to provide aid or relief in the event of a national disaster. (D) Subpoena to serve on a jury or to appear as a witness in a legal action (Which the insured is not involved) (E ) Involved in an automobile accident en-route to your destination. (F) $50,000 Accident/Medical insurance, when your personal insurance doesn’t pay (Example:   deductible/out of pocket). (G) $50,000 Emergency Medical Evacuation ($250,000 Luxury Cruises) or Transportation of remains upon death (G) Cancel for Any Reason Coverage is available (additional cost & purchased within 7 days of vacation purchase) (H) 24/7 Worldwide Emergency Assistance. (I) And more.

4)      Problem Solving/Advice Expertise.  Over 30 years of experience/know-how &  140+ocean/river Cruise experiences around the World in helping to handling your  unforeseen/unexpected personal situations and travel vendor disasters.  (Fees/additional cost may incur from vendor and Cruises Inc, depending on personal situation and time of call/change).  Cruises Inc has personal high-level access/relationship to our team of vacation vendors. 

5)      Customer Service Team.  5 days a week till 10pm and Saturday till 5pm, our team is available for your general needs/questions, for receiving correct needed insight/information.  Specializing in payments, accounting, invoices, tickets, online registration, and finding those general factual answers of your ship and vacation.

6)      Vacation Email Reminders.  Whether it’s final payment notices, vacation tips you’ll want to know now or before you go/while on vacation, and online registration reminds … And to remind you to “Book your next cruise vacation onboard’ – Keeping more $ in your pocket.

7)      Personal call before you leave on vacation.

8)      After Hours Availability when you leave on vacation … This week or while on vacation.

9)      Return Vacation Reminder.  Receive an email of‘return vacation reminders’, where to find your needed answers,  completing our survey reminder, and in reminding you to call Vivian, with your vacation experiences.  Whether you need Cruises Inc Customer Service to order you a copy of your onboard expenses or in letting Vivian know of a personal situation while onboard.

10)   Extra Onboard Credit for your next Cruise Vacation.  When purchasing a new cruise while on your cruise or placing a deposit within 30 days of returning, on a new vacation to sail within a year of your return home, receive extra $ for your pocket.  Even if you do not sail within a year, call Vivian upon returning home immediately, to be sure your vacation (A) Is in tack to exactly what you want – Best cabin location, etc. (B) Received the best cruise line pricing/amenities, and (C ) In discovering if Cruises Inc has more $ for your pocket.

11)   Your Land Vacation Purchases.  All-Inclusives, Hotels, Resorts, Escorted Tours, Customized Group Tours, On your own travel packages.  For the benefit of our personal customers, for 6 years now, Cruises Inc has built relations with Industry Recognized Land Tour Vendors.  How does this benefit our clients ?  Cruises Inc will stand behind your land vacations so you’re no longer traveling solo !  And we have companies who will Price-Match         


12)   Discounted Shore Excursions and Resort for the Day.  Their special link is right on my website.  We’ve made available to help you keep $ in your pocket without having to purchase from a ‘net vendor’ whom you don’t know.


13)   Company and Member Cruise Websites.  For Employers, Non-Profit Organizations and Business.  This is a website, just like mine, however, with Your name recognition.  You provide this as an added Perk to your employees, members, followers, Donators, and more.  No cost to you.  And we can offer you Exclusive offers just for you.  And you have 5 pages we can customize just for you, in telling more about your business, a fundraiser, group getaway and more.




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